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 NTES can provide the following services in relation to thermal and heat transfer engineering.





     Process Design

                 Q =  U·A·T

               T=  F·LMTD

               F =   f( FP, P, R )

             h  =   / D·Nu

           Nu =  C·Re·Pr·f

         dQ =  q·dA

       e =  ·T

     q =  h·dT

   q = -k·dT

         We provide design of process for network of heat exchangers and boilers

         with evaluation and technical data.


     Thermal Design of Heat Transfer Equipments

         We provide thermal design of heat exchangers, boilers and so on

         using our own developed softwares and/or manual calculations.


     Performance Review & Evaluation

         We evaluate performance of heat transfer equipments and ,if required,

         provide corrections or alternatives for improvement.




     Software Transfer


         We transfer softwares which have been developed by ourselves.


         The softwares are transferred with training to instruct in applications.




     Software Development


         If requested, we develop softwares for your business.




     Engineering Transfer


         We transfer our engineering to you requiring thermal and process design


         where you have no or less experience.




     Technical Training & Consulting


         We evaluate your scope and level of engineering and train your engineers


         to a larger scope and higher level.





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